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About Yoga

Contrary to how they're often portrayed, yoga is not about becoming hyperflexible, and meditation is not about "stopping" your mind. 
These practices are powerful tools in our path towards ultimate liberation and understanding.
I wholeheartedly believe that these ancient practices have the capability of serving all beings in a way that connects us to the true goal of yoga: greater connection, joy, discipline, and union in our lives.
As a result, we start to feel more ease, clarity, and softening, and less grasping at things that don't bring long-lasting peace.


Much of my work surrounds exploring how to make these practices accessible to everyone. I believe that our collective ecosystem flourishes when our practice spaces become more diverse and inclusive. 

I deeply trust yoga’s ability to transform our relationship with life so that we are able to wake up fully to the present moment and shake off the patterns that have kept us limited, dulled, or in a trance.


From there, we can feel more deeply, recognize unhelpful tendencies, learn from discomfort, feel better physically, appreciate every moment, and become more active players in our communities and lives.

This trust has developed over years of practice. My own relationships with anxiety, anger, stress, and complacency have drastically shifted as a result of learning new ways to engage with them.

Through the exploration of self and a skillful practice of deep listening, we can tune into the inherent wisdom of the body and our own unique guidance as we navigate our busy modern lives.

Training Timeline

2012: Graduated with a Master's degree in Social Work. While not directly associated to yoga, the social work values of service, dignity and worth of the individual, social justice, and the importance of human relationships inform all the work that I do. 

2013: Graduated from a 350-hour yoga teacher training in a style of yoga that combines elements of Anusara (alignment-focused practice) and Jivamukti yoga (flow-based practice) and honored all 8 limbs and numerous margas, or paths, of yoga. (Swan River Yoga)

2014: Principles of Asana Alignment Training (20 hours)

          Advanced Teacher Training & Bhagavad Gita Immersion (32 hours)

2015: Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (32 hours)

2016: Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours)

          Bhakti Yoga Immersion (12 hours)

          Seva Introductory Teacher Training, Mentor and Faculty (100 hours)

2017: Seva Introductory Teacher Training: Teaching Beginners, Mentor and Faculty (108 hours)

          Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours)

2018:  Pranayama Unlocked (10 hours)

           Yoga Anatomy Observation Course (12 hours)

           Swan River Yoga 450-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Faculty 

           Mentorship Program with Kelly Haas

2019:  Adaptive Yoga Training (10 hours)

           Decoding the Yoga Sutra (15 hours)

           Postural Analysis Clinic (2 hours)

My personal study time is largely dedicated to the Yoga Sutra, the study of breath and pranayama, the therapeutic application of yoga for individuals with injuries, mindfulness and meditation, and books about Buddhist psychology, contemplative practices, and social issues. 

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