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Welcome to the ever-growing resource page from Laura Johanna.

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As part of our continued growth and ongoing conversations, I'll constantly be adding resources and tools I've found useful in my own practice to this page. Check back whenever you want, and I'll also be sure to notify you via e-mail when I've added new material.

Enjoy 11 minutes of breath awareness!

This is a pranayama and breath awareness exercise. Pranayama is the yogic art

of intentional breathing. In this recording, we'll practice an exercise known as sama vritti.

Sama Vritti + Breath Awareness Practice - Laura Johanna
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Shoulder stretches that don't require props!

Here are just a few—definitely not all— of my favorite shoulder stretches that can all be done without props. Be sure to read the description below the video when you click through to read the description of each of the five poses.

Hip Flexor Exercises 

If we sit in chairs all day (which most of us do), our hip flexors tend to become weak and tight, making everything from standing to walking to bending over more challenging. 

PS: Pro tip - if you sit all day, take a moment to stand up, root down through your heels, and draw your inner thighs back and wide before rooting through the tailbone and lifting the chest. Also, standing desks are a real good idea. 

Grounding Meditation 

This 8 (not 6!) minute meditation is designed to help get your grounded in the present moment if you're experiencing agitation or stress.


We do this by tapping into physical sensations to root us back into ourselves. 

Align Class - Hips

This 75 minute Align class is focused on hips and shoulders. We work towards a peak pose of Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. Recommended to have two blocks, a blanket, and a strap for this class. Enjoy!


Are there other resources you'd like to find here?

Please contact me and let me know!

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