Laura Johanna

When I first started practicing yoga, all of the various disconnected bits of my life starting falling into place. I began to move out of a space of anxiety, indecision, and unhealthy habits and into a space of more clarity, peace, and deep-rooted contentment. I started to nurture the parts of me that were kind, open, and soft, rather than try to guard them. 


 I consider it such a gift to be able to share the transformative magic of these practices with others, in hopes that they receive their own much-needed medicine.


I manage a donation-based studio in Arabi, which is one of the greatest gifts and biggest teachers of my life.

My experiences with yoga have led me to place great trust in the power of both movement and stillness. The right combination of these practices can guide us towards an appreciation of every moment and a stronger connection to our own deep wisdom. Finding our own unique prescription of movement and stillness is where the work lies.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I also care deeply that these practices be trauma-informed, person-centered, and inclusive.


My daily intentions are to stay aware of the beauty and mystery of life, to be an instrument of good, to continuously recognize our human capacity for growth and evolution, and to create a more equitable, joyful world.

When I'm not teaching or practicing yoga, I also love walking around New Orleans, eating vegan goodies, and finding opportunities to be in nature.


2012: Graduated with a Master's degree in Social Work. While not directly associated to yoga, the social work values of service, dignity and worth of the individual, social justice, and the importance of human relationships inform all the work that I do. 

2013: Graduated from a 350-hour yoga teacher training in a style of yoga that combines elements of Anusara (alignment-focused practice) and Jivamukti yoga (flow-based practice) and honored all 8 limbs and numerous margas, or paths, of yoga. (Swan River Yoga)

2014: Principles of Asana Alignment Training (20 hours)

          Advanced Teacher Training & Bhagavad Gita Immersion (32 hours)

2015: Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (32 hours)

2016: Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours)

          Bhakti Yoga Immersion (12 hours)

          Seva Introductory Teacher Training, Mentor and Faculty (100 hours)

2017: Seva Introductory Teacher Training: Teaching Beginners, Mentor and Faculty (108 hours)

          Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours)

2018:  Pranayama Unlocked (10 hours)

           Yoga Anatomy Observation Course (12 hours)

           Swan River Yoga 450-hour Yoga Teacher Training, Faculty 

           Mentorship Program with Kelly Haas

2019:  Adaptive Yoga Training (10 hours)

           Decoding the Yoga Sutra (15 hours)

          Jivamukti Teacher Training (75 hours)

2021: Jivamukti Teacher Training (300 hours)