with Laura Johanna

One-on-One Yoga Classes

If you're dealing with an injury or other specific need, or are just looking for individualized attention to grow in your yoga practice, one-on-one yoga sessions can provide a great opportunity to ask questions and expand your understanding and practice. I love working with beginners who are new to the practice, experienced practitioners who want to work on a specific focus, and groups for special events. 

We can meet in my home studio or on Zoom. Prices vary depending on location and duration.

I love bringing specialized extended workshops to the community and various yoga studios. Please contact me to see if we can develop something to suit your needs. 

Here's a sampling of the workshop I've offered in the past:

Mad Props: a practice completely centered around the use of a full variety of yoga props, including chairs

Guided by Breath: a slow, meditative flow focused on transitions along with pranayama, or breath practice

Connect to your Core: learn how to create a rich activation of your core as well explore what the teachings say about our true essence

Surrender: a Bite-Sized Silent Retreat:  a luxurious three hour retreat. Give yourself the gift of tranquility and inner restoration through the practices of meditation, pranayama, yin and restorative yoga, and time to simple Be.

Movement Workshops